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WILL I AM. For Every New Normal.

Technology has changed everything in our lives, but it hasn’t changed home insurance. Until now. At WILL I AM, we’ve built a modern operating model from the ground up that legacy insurance companies will struggle to replicate. We offer home insurance specifically designed for the digital age — personalized, simple, and direct to consumer. Customers can secure their customized home insurance entirely online in minutes. Every home is unique, which makes homeowners insurance a more complex product to build than auto or renters insurance. WILL I AM has built a sophisticated, tech-driven platform that nearly instantly draws on close to 10,000 data points that allows us to better understand the risk profiles of each home and offer customized coverage options. In addition to our commitment to technology as our foundation, we also pride ourselves on serving homeowners in underserved markets and across the country. The new realities of climate change and the expectation of a frictionless experience are hardwired into our DNA. 

WILL I AM. For every new normal.